UPDATED July 5, 2003

Here are some more details about our near-term schedule as of Apr 3rd. Keep reading below for more details about the trip (written long ago) as well as pointers to pages for trip reports.

Canada June 8 through June 22
Drive to California June 22 through July 2
Silicon Valley July 2 through July 20
Drive to Canada July 20 through Jul 29
Edmonton Jul 29 through Aug 23
Tokyo Aug 23 through ???

Ron and Hitomi are planning on doing a bit of traveling starting in spring 2002. We will keep our schedule here, and will put our travel reports under www.rangda.com/travel/ron (in english) and www.rangda.com/travel/hitomi (in Japanese).

We will also be sending out trip reports. Email Hitomi if you would like to be added to the Japanese mailing list. Ron has set his up using majordomo. To subscribe, send a message to tripreports-request@rangda.com with the word "subscribe" in the body of the message (the subject is ignored). You should get a message back confirming that you have been subscribed to the list. Should that fail to work, feel free to send email to ron@rangda.com and I can add you to the list. To unsubscribe, just send email to tripreports-request@rangda.com with the word "unsubscribe" in the body of the message.

Our approximate schedule is (as of July 15) is as follows. The red dates are the actual dates for countries we have already visited.

We had been thinking about the trip for a while, and Sep 11 did change things somewhat. Our original plans of traveling from Europe to India through Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan were thrown out of the window (and replaced with the trans-Siberian trip). We are also very cautious about visiting Islamic countries for fear of anti-Western feelings at the moment (our current itinerary only includes Turkey which doesn't seem to have much anti-Western feelings and even helped participate in the war in Afghanistan).

The above schedule is just an idea, and will hopefully change and evolve as we travel.

A pretty busy year, but we are both very excited about it!

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p.s. Here is our original schedule: