Details about the delivery


Tiana Kokoro Miller was born on August 20th, 2006 at 2:29pm Pacific Daylight Time.

Her weight at birth was 3100 grams (6 lbs 14oz). She was 48cm long at birth.

She was delivered at 38 weeks and one day which is about two weeks earlier than the due date of September 2nd. As with Karuna, this is far enough along that she is considered full term and needed no special treatment.

Her middle name (Kokoro) is a Japanese name which means "heart" as in the feelings or emotions (not the organ).

We hesitated before making a final decision on Tiana's name. We both like the sound of Tiana very much, but regreted that the name does not have a meaning. Eventually, we decided that the sound of the name is more important than the meaning, and registered her name as Tiana.

The details of the delivery

Hitomi started having contractions on the evening of Saturday, August 19th, although they were quite irregular and not terribly painful. Hitomi ended up spending much of the night timing the contractions, and both of us scrambled to prepare for a hospital visit. Around 3am the contractions seemed to stop, and Hitomi went to sleep (I had gone to sleep a few hours earlier figuring that I could help Hitomi better by being well rested, and that she could awake me if she needed help). The contractions continued the next morning, and they were becoming more severe, although they were still irregular (coming between 4 and 12 minutes apart). Hitomi's sister and sister's husband had been visiting and were leaving that day, and we said good-bye to them while we waited for the contractions to become more regular.

We called the hospital, and while they said they couldn't recommend when to come in or not, they said it was "usual" to wait until the contractions are 6 minutes apart and so painful that it is not possible to walk or talk during the contractions before coming in. Hitomi's contractions weren't that painful, and still weren't regularily 6 minutes apart, so we continued to wait. Around noon, we decided that we wanted to at least see the doctor even though we didn't seem to meet their thresholds yet. Luckily, we didn't wait that long. When we arrived at the hospital at 12:40pm, we were taken into a delivery room, and the nurse became somewhat frantic. She had our doctor paged, and when she heard the doctor say that she would finish her shopping and be right over, the nurse said that the doctor should come NOW!

Hitomi did not have an epidural (local anesthesia) with Karuna, but decided to try one this time. They rushed down the anesthesia specialist, and immediately started the epidural process. They also gave Hitomi an antibiotic drip since Hitomi was Strep-B positive which means she has a bacteria in her system that sometimes can be passed along to the baby. This is supposed to be administered four hours before birth to fully protect the baby, but Hitomi and Tiana couldn't wait that long.

The epidural soon kicked in, and it worked quite well for Hitomi. Hitomi didn't even know that she was having contractions (this also was greatly appreciated by Dad who didn't have to suffer through the helplessness feeling of Hitomi's cries of pain like he did with Karuna's birth). The doctor arrived shortly, and at 14:10, they decided that the time was right to deliver the baby. Hitomi started pushing, and Tiana was born at 14:29.

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